Getting started

Well it has taken me ages to get to this point of my new journey so I shall give you an idea of things that have brought me here. You might be intrigued by the 'artist, jeweller and several other things' of the main site? A diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis some years ago has effectively ended the busy time I had maintaining a schedule that revolved around craft shows, going off to teach jewellery and part time work in the arts. Never one to be too daunted by what life throws at me, I realised that I would like to be known for what I have yet to do rather than what I have already done...and so the boat sails on!!

I have added to my main activity, that of a jeweller, and as result am delighted by the increase of creative activity! This is a delight after a few rather quiet years and I can see how there is still a connection to my original training. Exploring paint and mixed media has developed a flourishing line of 'paperscapes' which in turn are growing into paintings. Haven't painted anything significant since the Foundation course, which was a very long time ago, but I am finding this part of my journey most satisfying.

The Drawing Sounds project revealed some exciting results by capturing the sounds from instruments and voice during live gigs. I responded to what I heard and often the musicians recognised their tunes from the resulting drawings. I was intrigued by how to capture the sounds of music in visible form and the results have a lively decorative contribution to the experience of music.

There is a pattern here of 'drawing the nearly not there...' It comes through again in the Shadow Works, with the shadows thrown onto canvas being a fleeting extra dimension to studies of seed pods, chimney pots and ordinary things.

With jewellery still as a main element in my work I am teaching from my own workshop with a range of classes for anyone. I am passionate about sharing my skills so people can discover their own creative potential. This has resulted in many enjoyable sessions, friends together, mothers and daughters and several ones with three generations working together. A few men have come along too, making lovely things for special people, so that makes a difference. More about this as it develops!

So you can see that this all adds up to a very rich mix of creative enjoyments. I will continue next month with some more details of what I am working on.