Recent themes in my work have been drawing the 'nearly not there' that you can find in the Shadow Pictures and Drawing Sounds.. The  Paperscapes are delicate assemblages of many varied papers with inked details, all of which have been taken from my own sketches and photographs. They suggest the forms and structures of landsapes but you can read them in anyway you like.


Delicate layered papers with ink details, these are all interpretations of landscapes that I have drawn or photographed.

All Paperscapes are available to purchase. £45 each, sizes 20cm x 20cm (plus signed for postage and packaging £10) Contact me to buy.

Shadow Sets

Here, working with iron wire has also revealed a strong expression of form  with an element of the ‘nearly not there’ by way of the shadows that give an added dimension to seed pods,chimney pots and ordinary objects.

Prices from £30 - £90, additional charge for signed for delivery £10

Lino prints

A new direction after many years these are just the beginning.

drawing sounds

This series of drawings explore the fleeting experience of sounds at live gigs. The rythmn of instruments and voice are so much part of the musical experience but I wanted to try and capture the ‘nearly not there’ of sounds. With no prior knowledge of the play list at each event the drawings are a spontaneous response to what I heard. The drawings are original so once they are gone they are gone. There are more in this collection, do get in touch for the full list.
All drawn at live gigs by the following bands:

Brian Witts
Martin Harley Band
The Milk Men

Price: £40 each, pastels on coloured papers, single or double mounted approx 41cm x 30.5cm. Signed For postage & packing £10.00